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in my last post i said some very strange and horrible things i have newgrounds to thank for them those of you who make hate comments to this i will assume are here to collect the award for newgrounds but much has happened since then as you can tell by the dates it is very unlikely people will read this but even so. There has been much death around lately, freinds have died on foreign battlefields in the "service" of their country and family have been taken from me by the icy cold grip of death i too was neally taken by that same hand but it was not meant to be as the preist who conducted the funeral said. So i submit this question to you whoever so reads this why is it those who care only about themselves live longer than those who care about the world and people around them? if you have an answer i emplore you to put it in a comment and share it with me or those who have also read this. Strangely all this death and neally my own has left me in a rather good mood wether that's just my morbid nature or the path of greif i dont know but it feels different it is not normal for one to feel a sense of calm and peace before the graves of mother and father but yet i do perhaps kin secretly desire their parents to pass on so all ties to the world are severed?. As for now i am a free man there are no bindings all my close family are dead my freinds die on pointless battlefields for the stupid notion of honour most of you will be shocked at how i look at things but what else can you look at when every other direction death is staring at you
In closing i ask if you must post a hate comment atleast include answers to my questions for then you would have atleast provided something i can not . . . . truth